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“It's easy to fall in love, the hardest part is finding someone to catch you” – Bertrand Russell

Bertrands Wish are a three-piece Rock band from the UK. Their authentic, straight-to-the-point attitude matches their music, which is not only melodic and catchy but also thought-provoking. They row against the tide, constantly challenging themselves to grow as artists and push new boundaries. Their music draws upon a wide variety of influences and embraces the adventure, freedom, and imperfection that Rock music is when at its best.


They released their latest single, ‘The Shepherds’, in May. Described as a ‘behemoth of a song,’ this rock epic is their most ambitious release to date, combining their varied influences to create something powerful, unique, and haunting. The single is a taste of what’s to come later this year, in which they are set to release a string of singles, followed by a full-length album in November.

Bertrands Wish started as the solo project of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mike Boynton. In Mike’s words: “I have always been obsessed with creating things, ever since I was a kid. I did everything from painting, to playing the trumpet, to fabricating elaborate ghost stories for my schoolmates.” Mike didn’t find the right outlet for his creativity until he got a guitar for his 16th birthday. “I knew within minutes that I had found my calling.”


Bertrands Wish:
Mike Boynton – Lead Vocals/Guitar/Keyboard
Steven Taylor – Drums
Tom Eddy Davis – Bass/Backing Vocals

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